(Cramming your way to exam  success, 2015)

Sienna Jeffries is a business marketing and journalism major who enjoys taking business curriculum-based material and applying it to a more realistic approach, considering that some concepts expressed in books are applied differently in the actual business workplace setting.

In other words, Ms. Jeffries aims to answer the question, how can the material business students learned in college specifically help benefit them with their experiences in the work setting currently and post graduation? The business textbooks teach one thing, but sometimes our actual experiences teach us other things. Let’s talk about it!


Portrait Of Confident Business Team

(Leading Career Advice, 2015)



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Leading Career Advice. [online image]. (2015). Retrieved from http://www.experteer-blog.com/magazine/to-know-your-customer-know-yourself-how-diverse-management-can-save-your-brand/



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